Will Brands up their digital game during and post Covid?

Hey! I had a conversation with colleagues the other day and they shared some precious points. I thought I’d open the curtain to what’s being said in a 10am office meeting lately (or rather Zoom call), how Brands are talking about us, and what we can expect from them in the future.

Ok it wasn’t a conversation at all; it was a webinar. But it doesn’t make it less interesting! I want you to know how Brands are talking about us and see if you agree.

First, we all need to understand: What the hell happened to us these past few months?

Well, Covid-19 created tension between us and the Brands!

On one hand, our needs are not met. I mean, hellooo, we are stuck at home, everything is going to happen from our couch, we need digital! And yes, we understand that it’s going to take some time for Brands to adjust but still. We need digital.

On the other hand, Brands know that they are going to have to figure digital out like ‘yesterday’ if they want to keep us as customers. They thought they had some time but no, Covid-19 showed up. Digital is a priority.

What’s changing?

Our behaviours are changing. Understandably.

Covid-19 disrupted our everyday lives. We are now craving to know … something. Enough of the uncertainty. When can I travel? When are schools going to open? How long are we going to need masks?

Covid-19 brought emotional ups and downs to our homes. We are now becoming more creative to recreate stability. Growing our own tomatoes. Making a pizza from scratch. Sewing and other DIY.

Covid-19 changed our social norms. We have jumped to conscious consumption and are loving it. We were going to get there eventually but things had to escalate quickly!

What do we expect from Brands?

Digital. Better digital.

  • Frictionless experience (Free shipping, free return, reimbursed if not satisfied). Amazon and Uber are pretty good at that.
  • Sense of purpose. Emotions, responsibility, value (no plastic, handmade, etc)
  • Being Brands’ number 1 focus. Shoppers must be at the heart of the experience (easy live chats, easy order, etc)
How can Brands create memorable experiences for us?

By doing these 4 things:

  1. Elevate the experience, go over and beyond (e.g. Incredible unboxing moment from online order)
  1. Make us feel unique (e.g. Include shopper’s initials, personalized kit)
  1. Teach us something (e.g. Add quote or citation)
  1. Connect, bond (e.g. Handwritten format, 1-on-1 contact)

The goal is to create a peak moment during and at the end of the overall digital experience, for us to love it and remember it very positively, thus creating satisfaction, well needed during this pandemic and after.

Example of unboxing experience by Le Bon Marché

We have growing expectations for the services Brands are offering online, and it’s great to know that Brands know that and are working on it. I look forward to seeing how things are going to evolve in the future.

I had the opportunity to live tweet this event on Twitter, check it out here.

So tell me, do you expect Brands to create memorable experiences for you?

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