I was once a marketer …

… Full disclosure, I still am!

So why am I doing this?

I met someone once who told me he will never stop studying. I found that thought very interesting and realized I loved studying too. So, I asked myself: “What do I want to study in my life?” and this is the list that came out: Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Morphopsychology, Anthropology. All things about behaviour.

And it’s been clear since then: I have a passion for analyzing behaviours.

But why did I go into Marketing then?

It turns out, you pretty much need to understand behaviours when you are in the world of Marketing! I felt that working in that field would be the best way for me to know what there is to know about consumer behaviours and how companies use that information.

After almost 10 years working in Marketing, I have my answers. I understand now how Marketing is used for or against us. Yet, there is still something missing.

Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

Why am I here 10 years later?

Some unexpected downtime (#COVID19) made me realize that I’d lost track of why I was doing this in the first place: I have wanted to understand behaviours not for the benefit of Marketing, but to understand how we are influenced by Marketing.

See, it’s funny, I always find that books, articles, TV shows (you name it) are geared towards “How to influence”, and I still have a hard time finding things on “How not to be influenced”.

So, you know what, I’ve decided I am going to do it! … and I have so much to share.

Hey, you can ask me anything.

When I told my friends about this, I found out that they had been willing to ask me about how marketing influences our decisions, but never dared to do it.

There is something secret and scary about the world of Marketing, for some reason. But you know what, I’ve been behind-the-scene, and I’m here to share what I’ve seen. You can ask me anything.


  • I have like one pair of shoes, just enough clothes, and a ton of books that I haven’t read yet
  • I love analyzing and understanding things, situations, people
  • I have an addiction for chocolate
  • I am so detail oriented that I try to hide it sometimes
  • I have 6 different nicknames

So tell me, is there anything you want to know about the backstage of the Marketing industry?

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