that Brands use to INFLUENCE


And make smarter decisions

Do you enjoy shopping?
Brands like Amazon, Zara, and Ikea are your best friends, right?

But, do you sometimes stop and think “Damn, I really have too much stuff“?
That’s when you pause and realize that you may have been tricked by into buying some of those things, am I right? Marketing is probably manipulating you.

The problem is that, most of the time, you understand that we’ve been tricked after the fact. That’s what makes Brands powerful, and you, powerless.

So, here is another question:
Would you like to know how you are being influenced to buy?

Well, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog, I show you how to see Brands’ persuasion techniques coming from a mile away, and how to stop them, so you can be in control.

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There is a reason why we buy things we don’t need, why we spend the money we work so hard to save, and why keep doing it over again!

Shopping is part of our every day lives. We could do it in our sleep …
Wait! That’s what we actually do

I’m here to show you ways to save money, by being aware of WHY YOU BUY.
If you want to understand the methods that they use to encourage us to buy,
you’re about to find out!

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